Custom designed adaptations allow boy to bike.

Inclusioneers Project update

Just an update to another successful project completion. Many thanks to the BME students & mentor engineers (Inclusioneers), Summit DD and Jane Caprez (Physical Therapists) who made this such a successful project.

Some of the design adaptations to Wesley’s Bike included;

  • 3 D Printed pedals to accommodate Wesley’s braces, with weighted center of gravity.
  • 3 D Printed charging and control box.
  • Electric Brake (pushbutton controlled), programmed for latched 3 sec braking time from a momentary versus maintained push button.
  • AC Generator on the back wheel to assist battery charging while riding.
  • Custom manual brake handle to accommodate low upper body strength.
  • Adjustable custom seating in the horizontal and vertical directions.
  • Safety seat belts and foot straps.

Thanks to all who volunteered and donated