Inclusioneers Projects in 2016

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  • Prosthetic Leg Attachment - A young girl had her left foot amputated at 15 months and had received several prosthetic legs over her life, that just never seemed to fit quite right for a growing and active child. The team carefully designed a prosthetic leg with a unique adjustable fit that would “grow” with her. Shortly after receiving her new prosthetic, the young girl ran in downtown Akron’s 1k Fun Run at Lock 3. For their efforts, the University of Akron Biomedical Engineering Design Team was awarded the Community Impact Award , by Summit DD Board. See Akron Beacon Journal Article

  • Adaptive Bike - A young boy could not ride a standard bike due to his physical disability. Bike modifications included: (a) a custom 3-D Printed Pedal designed and balanced to accommodate his shoe brace, (b) adjustable horizontal and vertical back/seat supports, (c) modified handbrakes to account for unequal hand strength and (d) engineered pedaling motion to prevent his leg joint from “locking up”.

  • Combination Wheelchair - A young child’s family has two children that use wheelchairs and neither child can operate a wheelchair independently. The family requested a “combination” wheelchair designed so that one parent alone could easily mobilize both children while out of the house for shopping, visiting the park, traveling etc.

  • Motorized Jeep - A young boy who uses a wheelchair for mobility wanted to enjoy playtime activities with his siblings. So, a donated Power Wheel was modified with a custom car seat that can be controlled locally by a child using a proximity switch or remotely by the parents with a modified Xbox controller.

  • Tandem Wheelchair - A family with one child in a wheelchair and the other child in a stroller requested a “tandem” wheelchair design. The family requested a modified wheelchair designed so that one parent alone could easily mobilize both children while traveling out in the community.