Inclusioneers In Greater Akron

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Based on attendee suggestions at the 2016 Lock 3 Winterfest event (supported by the City of Akron Parks & Recreation and Summit DD), the Inclusioneers Steering Committee sought the resources to design an accessible slide (Reindeer Run). When the University of Akron was approached for student resources, they provided the assistance of 60 Civil Engineering students, to solve a “bigger idea”. The “bigger idea” formed the foundation to transform the Akron Parks & Recreation property at Lock 3 in downtown Akron into a community centerpiece for inclusion. The Lock 3 Inclusion HUB project is a 3 year plan that includes: (a) a relocated Playground (donated by Summit DD), (b) an accessible Slide and Boardwalk, (c) Grass Seating designed into the slope of the terrain for viewing stage events, (d) a Bike Rental/Café building and (e) a Splash Pad. The UA students’ final design and budget proposals for the Lock 3 Inclusion HUB project were completed in May, 2017.

Project Schedule (2017 through 2019)

  • 2017, Phase I Budget - Relocated Playground

  • 2018, Phase II Budget - Accessible Slide, Boardwalk Grass Seating

  • 2019, Phase III Budget - Splash Pad and Bike Rental/Café