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Engineering Inclusive Facilities, Events and Projects for Individuals of ALL Abilities in Summit County

An “Inclusion-Friendly” Community

Picture a place where people of all abilities could enjoy public facilities, events and activities with their families and feel welcome. Imagine a neighborhood that provides inclusive housing opportunities. Envision a community that treats everyone with respect and dignity and values each person’s unique contribution. One that employs people with disabilities and structures recreational activities so all can participate. An integral community dedicated to supporting academic and social success in schools and empowering people with all abilities to pursue their dreams.

A young girl participating at the Downtown Akron “Fun Run” with her new prosthesis

What do we have to gain?

Typically, many individuals with disabilities face difficulties, isolation and exclusion when outside of their immediate support group and environment. However, in an Inclusion- Friendly community where all abilities are valued and welcomed, everyone gains. Family and friends can readily see and feel the benefits of giving support to their loved ones with varying abilities. Employers who embrace diversity say placing individuals with disabilities alongside other team members helps to foster creativity and innovation throughout their organization. Libraries, parks, and museums that accommodate people with varying abilities, consistently report a pleasant experience for all participants. Everyone benefits where the community embraces a culture of inclusion.

The Meaning of “Inclusion-Friendly”

For some, being in an Inclusion-Friendly environment means they will have a manageable degree of adaptations, that help them better engage their environment, broaden their social interactions and improve their social support. Inclusion-Friendly places embrace the concept of diversity, in that differences are recognized and respected as any other human variation. Studies show that diversity enriches all aspects of a community’s life, including education, housing, cultural harmony and business opportunities. These inclusive aspects of a community’s life enhance economic strength, because we all win when everyone gets to share in our nation’s promises.